Löwenstein 14, 55494 Dichtelbach, Germ

Blazing skies: Air Defense Artillery on Fort Bliss, 1940-2009

The book is an authoritative history on the Army Air Defense Artillery Branch on Fort Bliss, Texas. Fort Bliss in 1940 was a cavalry post located on the Texas border. The post itself occupied the sixth location of what had been called Fort Bliss. ... Google Books
Originally published: May 13, 2009

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This web site dedicated to all US ARMY soldiers, family and friends that served in Delta Btry 2 1 ADA 32nd AADCOM,  originally D 5 1 ADA Nike Hercules Missile System deployed to Dichtelbach, Germany 1962.

Nike Hercules Missile System was deployed to Dichtelbach, Germany (55494) with the ability to attack high-flying supersonic targets armed with a small nuclear warhead or a high explosive conventional warhead in order to destroy entire formations of aircraft with a single missile The site was functional in mid 1962. Our mission was to launch missiles in 30 minutes or less 24 hours day as part of the Cold War

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 D Btry 2nd Bn 1st ADA 32nd AADCOM   Barracks Reunion July 6 2013
Alpha section  D Btry 2nd Bn 1st ADA 32nd AADCOM   Nike Hercules Missile

  The launcher area is slated for demolition and to be returned to nature.


The IFC Area is now a wind farm with remnants of the Patriot Missile blast berms built there in 1986 after Nike Hercules departed in 1983 . 

 Save Changes

Email or write to this address expressing your views on saving the launcher area and barracks. Our wish is to list the site as a historic place and have a permanent marker there identifying the unit and our service to the Cold War. 

 Ministerpräsidentin des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz Malu Dreyer Peter-Altmeier-Allee 1 55116 Mainz 



For more information see>  http://www.d21dichtelbach.com/dichtelbach-germany


 Site was Inactivated August  of 1983

D 2 1 ADA Nike Hercules Missile Site  Motor Pool. 

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 D Btry 2nd Bn 1st ADA 32nd AADCOM  1978
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