Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Dogs for adoption - please click on the photographs for full details

Annie - details soon

Buzz - beautiful brindle boy grey-hound (kenneled in Swindon)

Dawn - pretty young greyhound (with Dogs' Friends)

Dennis - details soon

Fiona - pretty easy going greyhound (kenneled in Swindon)

Goldie - details soon

Ice  - stunning smallish male galgo

Jester ~ adorable greyhound boy (with Dogs' Friends)

Jody -  affectionate greyhound boy (fostered in Bristol area)

Lily - details soon

Razzle -  sweetest greyhound girl

Roger - stunning greyhound

Lucy - details soon

Nano - affectionate rough coated galgo boy

Roxy - sweet greyhound girl (fostered in Bristol area) 

Star - beautifully marked greyhound  boy

Thunder - delightful greyhound girlie